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The Tag Studio has number of unique services to offer its clients. Taking into consideration the different requirements of its global and domestic customers, the company has revised all its design applications. Right from the popular Build-A-Tag application to answering small yet important queries on pet id tags, the tag studios is now better equipped with wide range of solutions.

Now while custom designing pet tag, the customers can have a look at every aspect of its customization. The bottom of the designing application is allocated for displaying the notes and information the client is filling inside the tag. This particular region allows for better viewing and accordingly the clients can go for editions in the text if they find it unsuitable or unpleasant. With the’ Notes & Advisories’ section placed at the bottom of the right corner of the design application, warnings and notes on the current tag are provided. This makes the person aware of the probable problems so that they are handled with better solutions. So, this enhanced tag building application helps in better design and, customization of Médailles Animaux. Each and every pet tag is allotted a unique design ID so that it can be easily distinguished from the other.

However, if anyone is not willing to use this design application, they can select from wide range of pet identification tags. Offered in vibrant and cheerful colors, these pet tags come in many flavors. One sided tags are available in many variants- SIDED PET ID TAG - NAME ONLY, 1 SIDED PET ID TAG - NAME AND GRAPHIC, 1 SIDED PET ID TAG - NAME AND INFO, 1 SIDED PET ID TAG - NAME AND INFO WITH GRAPHIC. Similarly two sided tags have many options- 2 SIDED PET ID TAG - NAME AND GRAPHIC ON FRONT, INFO ON REVERSE, 2 SIDED PET ID TAG- NAME ON FRONT, INFO ON REVERSE, 8 BALL DESIGN, SWALLOW DESIGN, NAUTICAL STAR DESIGN, 3D HEART DESIGN, CRAZY CAT DESIGN, SNOWFLAKE DESIGN, ZEBRA DESIGN and many more! Most of them are offered within the price range of $15. The uniqueness of all these Dog ID Tags or Cat ID Tags is that they have a provision to get embellished the medical condition of the pet. This feature of Customized Pet Tags by the tag studio ensures the full security of clients’ pet in case the pet goes off track.

About the company:
The tag studio is equipped with team of experienced graphic designers’ who have excelled in creating master pieces over the years. All the id tags of cats, dogs, rabbits, horses or any other pet are embalmed and transported with 1/2" split ring attachment of high strength.
Offered in best quality anodized aluminum, the id tags for different pets are manufactured in U.S.A. The laser engraving of the graphics on the pet tags confer better resolution while the laser marking bestows a permanent marking to the pet tags id that cannot be easily washed away with water or damaged by sun exposure. The company has specialized in designing Engraved Pet ID Tags and offers advice to those who are confused with the design and color of pet tags ID.

Experience the joy of creating pet ID tags without missing real parameters!

With ‘The Tag Studio’s’ innovative and interactive design technique, now the pet owners can view médailles animaux of their lovely pets getting shaped up right in front of their eyes. While creating pet tags, online designer can make use of notes & Advisories section to choose the most appropriate shape. The section immediately below the tag creation box named “your tag” keeps on displaying the designing options used till now, like the shape, color, format and cost information offering the realistic picture. The most inimitable feature is the option that allows adding precise medical condition of the dog on the tag with a doctor’s sign! This information on médailles chien of your dog may act as life saver in case your pet is not well and gets trapped at an unknown place by mistake. All these tags have unique pet ID tags.

About the company:

Known for their quality products and wide array of tag designs, the Tag Studios deliver each of their tags with high strength 1/2" split ring for attachment. Rather than printing the tags, they opt for laser engraving of the graphics making use of the latest graphic design software and art laser marking system giving a high resolution output.

With huge number of backdrops and tag shapes available, the design studio offers wide range of fonts and tag colours so that every individual gets his or her best choices. They offer aluminum tags that are colour anodized around the edges too. Equipped with a team of experienced graphic designers the company stands above its competitors. The studios supply pet tags to countries like USA, Canada, UK, France and several others.

Design your own pet id tag!

The Tag Studio has always been in the process of offering something new to its customers. This has helped company in not only up beating the quality of its own Customized Pet Tags but has also placed them on the forefront in the pat tag industry. While their médailles animaux are liked by most of the people across the world, the designing company ensures that they never compromise on the quality of their pet identification tags for rabbits, cats or dogs.

Keeping forward the tradition, the company has launched few new designs of Cat ID Tags and Dog ID Tags. The customers can visit their online portal and catch a glimpse of these innovative designs. They can select the nice and unique sketches of médailles chien and choose the one that best portrays the nature and personality of their pets’! Apart from the existing plethora of designs, the novel fabrications of pet tags too is a must be try especially for new customers.

About the company:

The Tag Studio is one of the few British companies that have the honor of successful catering the requirements of many satisfied customers across the world. Their pet tags are so popular in Canada and France that often their customers call them with names ‘Tag Studios’. While their Engraved Pet ID Tags are made from specialized laser technology; the material used for making these pet ID tags too is irritation free and non conductor. The wide range of colors available for manufacturing id tag for dog and easy shapes in which they can be molded, makes their pet tags id a hot popular among many. Apart from the tag material, the message engraving feature of the id tags of dogs and cats and the text that can be written in different font shapes and sizes, compose these tags as better gizmo. The laser marking system with high resolution 1200 DPI offers a nice texture and the unique content engraved on it, go all the way in making these tags a perfect utility tool which helps the pet owners in locating their pets when they are rummaging around without the knowledge of their masters.

Let your son design the médailles chien of his dog or cat!

Build –A –Tag feature of the ‘The Tag Studio’ is one of the few online innovative design feature that is not offered by many design studios. While this interactive mode of designing fills the person with joy who is designing the tag, no prior experience is required for crafting them. Simple selection of the available shapes and the filling of text according to them make the médailles animaux designing easier. The customers are guided at every step of manufacturing their Customized Pet Tags, so that they can do alterations amidst the process of contemplating the design and text only.

Notes and Advisories section immediately below the design screen is a marvelous feature that shows the actual dimensions of the selected design. Rather it goes further a step ahead and offers suggestions that whether the text entered by the designer is apt for that particular shape or not. Designing pet identification tags is now so much pleasure that it can easily be done by your kid too. While preparing the blueprint of his Dog ID Tags or Cat ID Tags, he will thoroughly enjoy it.

About the company:

The Tag studio is one of the few pet tags designing company that bestow its clients with the facility of online designing their own id tag for dog or cat. They have several available options of already made pet ID tags that can be customized according to the requirements of their customers. Engraved Pet ID Tags and unique identification number allotted to each pet id tag plays a vital role in outshining the personality of the pets. The id tags of dogs offered by them are available in so many distinct colors and designs that their customers really get thrilled while shopping for them. While the pet tags id is a unique feature that offers each pet tag identification number against which the future orders can be placed by just referring to this individual entity. The company mostly caters to its international customers through their website . Their long presence in the field of pet tags manufacturing makes them one of the leading manufacturer in countries like Canada, United Kingdom and France.

Design your desired pet ID tag with the help of The Tag Studio!

With a diverse range of attractive pet identification tags The Tag Studio comes as your one-stop destination for all kinds of tags for your beloved cats as well as dogs. Apart from its wide range, the company is known for its customer friendly offers as well. It has a large customer base which appreciates the creative instincts of the company. Thinking for comfort and preferences of its customers, the company offers the Customized Pet Tags for the same.

In its Build-a-tag category, the company gives the facility to design a preferred tag by itself. One can choose a suitable shape of tag for his/her pet from a long list of tags such as dog shaped, cat shaped, bone shaped, star shaped¸ shield shaped, circle shaped, cap shaped tags, paw shaped, fire hydrant shaped and octagon shaped tags. After choosing a favorite shape for your pet id tag, one has to pick a color from red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, pink, brown and black. The next step to build ones preferred tag is to select a format for the info of the pet. One can decide on whether to print the info on just one side or the both sides of the tag. Once the person is done with choosing a format, he can go for entering the name of his pet dog or cat. Now one has to select a graphic or image that best describes the pet and makes him specific. The last but not the least step is to enter the information as well as identification of one’s pet dog or cat and a unique pet id tag for dog or cat is ready within a minute with your own preferences.

About the Company:

The Tag Studio has been serving its customers with suitable pet ID tags for almost 10 long years. It’s a renowned name in selling the pet tags in Canada. Apart from the default pet tags, the médailles animaux and médailles chien are offered to the pets needed to be handled with a chain. Coming with a large collection for the Cat ID Tags and Dog ID Tags, the company offers you numberless options to choose you from.

The Tag Studio lets you create an extraordinary pet ID tag!

Offering a host of options to choose suitable pet tags in Canada, The Tag Studio comes as a preferred choice to let the identity of your pets shine with their characteristics. The company comes with customer friendly offers to ensure the 100% customer satisfaction. Its Customized Pet Tags are made to prepare a pet tag by keeping the customers’ suggestions in mind.

Apart from the other tag making companies, The Tag Studio gives the facility to its customers to design the tags with their own preferences. In its Build-A-Tag category, the customers have the unique option to customize a tag by themselves. First of all, they can choose the favorite shape of a tag from their large range including dog shaped, paw shaped, cat shaped, circle shaped, bone shaped, shield shaped, star shaped, cap shaped tags, octagon shaped and fire hydrant shaped tags. They can choose their favorite color for the tags such as red, yellow, pink, brown green, orange, blue, purple, and black. The Tag Studio also gives an alternative to pick the best format for one’s favorite pet tag. A customer can easily decide on whether he wants the identification to be printed on single or both sides of the tag. Coming to final few steps, one has to enter the name of his pet dog or cat in the defined category. One can too select a graphic to explain the specialty of his pet in the best way. In final, on goes for submitting the necessary information of the relevant pet and an exceptional pet id tag is designed with your preferred parameters.

About the Company:

The Tag Studio has a long experience of almost one decade of serving the customers with their preferred pet ID tags. Apart from its large collection for Cat ID Tags as well as Dog ID Tags; the company comes up with a great option for all kind of pet identification tags. It offers the médailles animaux and médailles chien for the dogs as well as cats that need to be handled with a chain. Along with a range of high quality tags; it gives the opportunity to create a tag with unique preferences.

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